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Fresh Wasabi Now Available

Experience the authentic taste of unique and fresh Irish Grown Wasabi.

Our Fresh Wasabi, grown at Beotanics’s Farm in Kilkenny, introduces a unique twist to Ireland's gastronomy. Available for order both restaurants and personal.

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  • Blended using a unique technique developed by Conor Bacon

    Fierce Tasty

    Our founder Conor is an expert and passionate about recipe development.

    With over a decade of experience working in the food and coffee industry and competing in Coffee competitions.

    All of our Mayo's made with special ingredients like Cayenne Pepper, Nutritional Yeast, Liquid Smoke, Turmeric and in our most recent creation of Wasabi Mayo; Irish grown Wasabi.

  • Exceptional Mayo that happen to be Plant-Based

    100% Plant-Based

    Crafted with only special premium plant-based ingredients

    In todays society, we find there is conflict between people and their dietary choices; online and even between family and friends. We firmly believe that food should bring us together, regardless of personal preferences. At Too Savage we want connect people through food regardless of their dietary choices.

  • less then 0.7g per 100g across all jars

    No Sugar Recipe

    Our Mayo collection boasts a 0 added sugar recipe

    With a minimum of naturally occurring sugars. We use a balance of interesting flavours to create a Too Savage flavour that we NEVER needed to add sugar too.

    If your on a low sugar diet and looking to sauce up your meals Too Savage is your answer !

  • We produce our sauces in The Spade Enterprise Centre in Dublin 7


    At Too Savage we started producing our Spicy Mayo in a small unit on Moore Street Dublin 1.

    We like to collaborate with like minded people and communities. Most recently working with an Irish Farmer Pat Fitzgerald Nurseries Farm in Kilkenny to create our Plant-Based Wasabi Mayo.

    Get ready for a collaboration like no other!

    ✧ exclusive ✧

    Wasabi Mayo Box - €23.95

    Produced by collaborating with Beotanics farm in Kilkenny

    A little bit of Japan and Kilkenny in every jar.
    Every spoon of wasabi Mayo is a spoon of history!

    Free from any colourings like its synthetic counterparts.

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    ✦ All Tastes in 1 Box ✦

    Full MixBox - €32.00

    A Selection of All Our Flavours

    Hot and New Wasabi Mayo - 195g

    Original Spicy Mayo - 250g

    Hickory Smoked Garlic Mayo - 250g

    Creamy Curry Mayo - 250g

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    save 25% buying in 1 Box

    OriginalBox XL - €36.00

    Choose Your Own 3 pairs (6 jars) of our Original tastes

    Pick any of our three classic flavours:

    the Spicy, the Smoked Garlic, the Curry

    All made with natural and premium ingredients

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    • (195g jar)

      Our Exclusive Irish Grown Wasabi Mayo

      A taste so authentic. Ireland and Japan in a jar.

      Crafted using 100% locally-grown Wasabi from the fertile lands in Kilkenny, this unique blend is as precious as gold.

      • Authenticity: Experience the authentic taste of Irish-grown Wasabi.
      • Exclusivity: Relish the rare fusion of Wasabi in a vegan mayo, a blend as precious as gold.
      • Locally Sourced: Take pride in supporting local farmers from Beotanics in Kilkenny.

      Purchase as part of our Full MixBox or Exclusive Irish Grown Wasabi Box

    • (250g jar)

      Crafted with Hickory Liquid Smoked Garlic Mayo

      When you take a bite of this sugar-free mayo, you'll be enveloped in a delicious smoky flavor that will leave you wanting more.

      • Rich Smoky Flavor: Indulge in the deep smoky essence delivered by Hickory Liquid Smoke.
      • Sugar-Free Indulgence: Relish the sugar-free formulation.
      • Versatility: For your sandwiches, salads, and BBQ grills with a smoky touch.

      Purchase as part of our Full MixBox or Original MixBox XL

    • (250g jar)

      Open a Fiery passion with Our Spicy Mayo

      A Savage blend of six distinct spices, led by the bold premium Cayenne Pepper followed by Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Mustard Powder.

      • Bold Spice Fusion: Naturally coloured through the Beautiful Spice Mix lends itself as an alluring orange
      • Exciting Taste Adventure: Heat up your meals and taste buds with some Spicy Flavoursome magic

      Purchase as part of our Full MixBox or Original MixBox XL

    • (250g jar)

      Beautifully bold and balanced Curry Mayo

      A delicate concoction of fragrant spices that harmonize with enchanting Curry nuances, giving a creamy, delightful sensation.

      • Exquisite Flavor Harmony: Delight in the fine blend of fragrant spices harmonizing with curry nuances.
      • Creamy Texture: Enjoy a creamy, smooth texture that complements your dishes.

      Purchase as part of our Full MixBox or Original MixBox XL

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How to use it?

    Our Vegan Mayo is a versatile condiment that can elevate the taste of sandwiches, salads, dips, and many other dishes.

    Our mayo is a versatile buddy in the kitchen. You can spread it on sandwiches, stir it into salads, dollop it on hot or cold dishes, or use it as a dip for fries and veggies. It's designed to blend well with a variety of flavors, so feel free to get creative and add it to anything you think needs a little extra zing!

    Why it's 100% plant based?

    Our Mayo is 100% plant-based as it's made from natural, plant-derived ingredients.

    This aligns with our mission to provide healthier, cruelty-free, and environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional mayonnaise.

    Crafted with an exotic blend of ingredients like Cayenne Pepper, Nutritional Yeast, Liquid Smoke, Turmeric, and our newest addition - Irish grown Wasabi in Wasabi Mayo.

    We chose a 100% plant-based formula to provide a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional mayonnaise.

    Plant-based ingredients are known for being lower in saturated fat and better for the environment compared to animal-based ingredients. Plus, it's a friendly choice for vegans and vegetarians, making our mayo a delightful option for a wide range of food lovers!

    Why it's good for healt

    Our Vegan Mayo is crafted with health in mind!

    It has zero added sugars, is gluten-free, and contains beneficial ingredients like nutritional yeast and turmeric, which are known for their health benefits.

    Our mayo is not just tasty, but it's also made with health in mind. It's gluten-free, which is a boon for anyone with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.

    Nutritional yeast:

    Nutritional yeast is a great source of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein.
    It's particularly rich in B-vitamins, which are essential for energy production, and many brands fortify it with vitamin B12, which is crucial for nerve function.


    Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
    It may help improve symptoms in people with osteoarthritis, and its antioxidant properties can fight oxidative damage, enhancing the body's own antioxidant enzymes.

    Cayenne Pepper:

    Cayenne pepper is known for its ability to boost metabolism.
    The capsaicin in cayenne pepper may have pain-relief properties and can help with reducing hunger and aiding in weight loss efforts.


    Wasabi has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancer properties according to some studies.
    It might help to reduce the risk of food poisoning when eating raw fish (which is why it's traditionally paired with sushi).

    Where to find our products?

    Need to find the nearest place to buy?

    Contact us to find the nearest shop or you can check out the list of stores on our website.

    Or you can find our list of locations of Vegan Mayo resellers on our official website, as well as selected retailers and online marketplaces.

    Check our Where to find page for the nearest retail outlet carrying our products.

    For further information please fill the form on Contact us

    How long delivery takes

    Delivery times may vary based on your location and the selected shipping method.

    Typically, orders are processed within 2-3 business days and delivered within 3-5 business days thereafter.

    For more accurate delivery estimates, please refer to the shipping information provided at checkout.

    How to keep it fresh?

    To ensure the freshness of our Vegan Mayo, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

    Once opened, it's best to refrigerate and consume within a 2 month for optimal taste and quality.

    How to recycle it?

    We are committed to sustainability, which is why our jars are fully recyclable.

    Simply rinse the empty jar with warm water to remove any residue, and place it in your recycling bin.

    Please check local recycling guidelines to ensure proper disposal.